Dear Everyone !!!

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope that you will join me as I make everyday a celebration with food! To welcome you to my blog I’m sharing with you a picture that I took recently during sunset while visiting the panoramic fishing village of Camogli. Camogli is a vibrant tourist destination here in region of Liguria and it’s famous for its brightly coloured buildings. It is said that the buildings were painted this way centuries ago so that fishermen returning from sea would be able to recognise their homes. It is also famous for its annual fish festival. Its an amazing festival of fish and other seafood fried in probably the biggest frying pan you’ve ever seen. It will be held again next year in the month of May and I promise to be there to share the occasion with you as it is something not to be missed.

To my Family & Friends in South Africa, and anyone who’s celebrating today – welcome to the first of Spring! Spring is when Nature is in a celebratory mood so we will follow Her lead and do exactly that right here, on KitchenOpera with frozen desserts made with all of Natures Goodness.

Till my next post, Buon Appetito!