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A Stunning Greenhouse in Arenzano – Genova


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Happy Birthday to Our Darling Mum

Mother You are the most precious person for us, You truly are a gift to us all.  More than us, you’ve been a gift to the world, like a flower that adds beauty to the mud, You’ve been a blessing for all who know You. Mum you’ve always been the One person who puts others before herself, always there in every hour of need, always kind, always caring, always giving the best of Yourself to loved ones and strangers alike, and for that we are truly proud to call You, Ours. Mum I know that life hasn’t always been fair to You, but Your purity to forever remain the same beautiful person that You are is the reason You will always be in Gods favour. You have taught me so many life lessons and if I can leave the world one day being half the woman You are I’ll be eternally in your debt. It is through your honesty I learned to always tell the truth. Through your benevolence I learned how to  care for others.  Through your purity of heart I learned humility. Through your kindness I learned how to give. Through your courage I learned strength. Through your dignity, I learned self-respect. Because You were always strong to win at life’s losing game, You taught me that nothing is too difficult to overcome. Because You never failed to show love where it was needed, You taught me the sanctity of love. Because You believe in me, You taught me to believe in myself. You have been my biggest encouragement and the Keeper of my dreams and for that I could not be more honoured to say that You, my Dearest Darling Mum are one in a million. Because You ARE is all the proof I need to know that God exists. We are forever thankful that He chose You to be a Mother to us all. Thank You so much for every single big and little thing You ever did to make us feel loved, wanted and special. There are never enough words to tell You how deeply we love You but we hope You feel it every single day. Happy happy Birthday Mother, here’s wishing You many, many more.

Keep Smiling!